Pure Energy Meditation Information Leaflet

Pure Energy Meditation Information Leaflet, March 2018

Pure Energy Meditation Information Leaflet
Pure Energy Meditation Information Leaflet 2018


ABOUT: This is the information leaflet that was produced to help promote the Pure Energy Meditation/The Way Back teachings.

SOURCE: Mark’s personal archives.

CREATOR: Mark Zaretti.

The leaflet from 2018 promoting Pure Energy Meditation and the free courses, resources and classes.

These meditation information leaflets were published on 19th March 2018 and were handed out at the various free meditation classes being held in St Peters Church Hall, Canterbury Friend’s meeting house, and Westgate on Sea venues. In addition these leaflets were kindly placed in the following venues:

  • The Veg Box Cafe, Burgate Street, Canterbury
  • Canterbury Wholefoods, Burgate Street, Canterbury
  • Jittermugs cafe, Faversham
  • Macknades Farm shop, Faversham
  • The Hot Tin Cafe, Faversham

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These leaflets stopped being circulated when in late 2018 Mark closed the Pure Energy Meditation website to focus completely on supporting The Way Back. This page is provided as an archive of the original leaflet as it contains useful information and testimonials from those learning how to meditate.

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