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Mark Zaretti Meditation Teaching Testimonials

Testimonials from Meditation Students

Testimonials from people who have attended meditation classes with Mark. He worked for many years as a meditation teacher running classes, courses, free events, workshops and workplace training courses as "Pure Energy Meditation", and on occassions teamed up with other teachers. In 2015 he made the decision that all his teachings and work would be given for free and he began to dedicate his time to teaching much more advanced spiritual awareness eventually coming to teach The Way Back.

 Mark Zaretti Teaching the Way Back Meditation in Kent 2018

"I was already a meditation advocate before initiation into the Light and Sound, (having meditated for several years). However, I was certain there was more to experience and attain. The help received setting up my initiation was amazing, and subsequently all the follow-on support has be exceptional, and most astoundingly, it has all been completely FREE. Importantly my meditation has deepened and is much more meaningful, and I have discovered a new and significant spiritual direction."

Justin, Midlands 2017

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful meditation sessions I have recently attended in Broadstairs. You have taught me ways to relax, empty my mind and enjoy the stillness within. The quality of your classes, teaching and understanding of individual needs is truly remarkable."

Lorna, Kent, 2017

Having practised Buddhism for over 16 yrs, I thought I knew how to meditate. But guided by Mark it has taken just months to achieve stillness & raise my vibratioon to a level I have never experienced. Mark's meditation teaching has changed me in an utterly profound way.

Jo, Kent, 2017

How introductory meditation classes with Mark compare to TM

Can meditation help to reduce blood pressure?

On a recent visit to the doctor for routine blood pressure readings, when the doctor placed the cuff on my arm, I started to use the breathing techniques as learned in meditation classes. The doctor was baffled as the first reading was high but the subsequent readings were normal. The breathing techniques are obviously making a difference. The doctor had been going to increase my blood pressure medication but didn't as a result of the improved readings.
Thank you Mark
Cheers Pearl Lewis.

Pearl Lewis, Leeds, West Yorkshire

 Mark Zaretti Teaching Beginners Meditation in Leeds 2016

Meditation guidance to become more spiritual

"During my one to one session with Mark he taught me several meditative techniques and how to use them easily. This gave me a direction and understanding of how to meditate that I can now use on my own. Before I felt I was wasting my time but now I get so much out of my meditation."

Nicholas Wells, Company Director, Kent

Meditation for health benefits and better sleep

"Hi Mark, I just wanted to thank you for my first meditation session, it was amazing! It stayed with me all day and I meditated before going to bed, slept straight away and didn't wake once, slept 11 hours! Meditated before getting up this morning too. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU."

Michele Jones Orpington by e-mail, Kent

Testimonials from people on meditation courses

The following testimonials have been kindly provided by people who have attended some of the meditation courses I have run over the years:

Mark demonstrating a meditation exercise "I had such a wonderful weekend... I'm going to start meditating every day and feel really excited about it. Thank you Mark!"

Ruth in Brighton (via text message)

"I enjoyed the course so much that it became my weekly treat to myself. The techniques I learnt and the environment we were placed in allowed me to totally relax and lots of things in my life have became clearer because of this. I am about to embark on a career change and these relaxation techniques will help me stay focused instead of stressed. I would whole-heartedly recommend the course and the friendly trainers that run it!"

Caroline T, London - on an eight week evening course

"What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! I've learned a lot of useful ways to relax and go deeper into a place of stillness. Thank you for a wonderful time. The crystal exercises were very useful and also enjoyable"

Sharon, Oxfordshire, after a Weekend Meditation Course

"I am stunned by the impact this course has had on me, I feel like I've been transforming over the course!... I always felt like an individual, despite being in a group setting, and was cared for as a client... a very professional but gentle and human approach."

Rachel J, Primary School Teacher Kent

"The teachers are down to earth, friendly and explain things well. They gave lots of interesting ideas on how to relax and develop awareness."

Mark B, 27 Herne Bay

Group Meditation Course Class 2008 "I first started meditating about 10 years ago. I attended this course to increase my focus on my meditation and help me to explore my meditation more. This course has taken my meditation to new levels. Techniques I've learnt on this course have really improved the quality of my meditation and have helped me get stiller quicker. It has also given me some invaluable life skills. The course has been assisted with concise notes at the end of each class which provide an excellent reference guide."

Simeon Ramsey, 33 Kent, 2007

"I was pleasantly surprised by the new and interesting techniques that Mark put forward for deeper meditative states. Upon receiving my advanced mantra I hit the ground running and found myself accessing greater and more meaningful states of well being. I wholeheartedly recommend any workshop that Mark runs."

Dan B, Fireman, South East

Testimonials From Meditation in the Workplace

The following testimonials have been provided by people, who have organised for Mark to run workplace meditation training to their staff.

Meditation at Work - Stress Reduction and Relaxation Training for NHS Employers

My name is Gemma from NHS Employers, my role here is I run the staff health and wellbeing programme. As part of our choose wellbeing month we had at the back end of 2013, we invited Mark to come along and run an hour long meditation session. We had just over 20 of our staff attend, the feedback was great from the session. People ranging from saying that they felt totally energized afterwards, to people saying it gave them just that quiet 25 to 30 mins just to decompress at the end of the day really. People also said to me it was a really thought out session, and they really appreciated the time just to take some time to be still at the end of the day.

Following on from our session, to make sure we could reach our employees who are home based, Mark has just recorded a podcast for us with a quick tutorial and just dispelling some myths around meditation, and offering some hints and tips. So that will go up on our website shortly. And hopefully be as successful as the face to face session.

Gemma Wright, NHS Employers Leeds, 2013