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Mark Zaretti Meditation Teaching Qualifications

Qualifications and Experience


CVs and certificates are great at qualifying people for activities and roles where they have had to learn a skill or gather knowledge. We normally assume that a certificate of training equates to qualification and likewise that an exam grade translates into ability. Spirituality and meditation is a little different though. It is based on stillness, not movement. It is based on transcending the mind, rather than feeding the mind with knowledge. Spirituality is not a new thing, it is ageless. It is a natural part of being human, in the same way as breathing, digestion and the heart beating. The ability of a teacher to teach is based on awareness, access to definite energy vibrations and real states of being within higher vibrations. It's not something that you can get a certificate in. You either have spiritual awareness and abilities or you don't. A teacher is someone who has attained a certain level of understanding through practice and dedication and who chooses, out of compassion and love to share their insights with others.
It is natural though that any teacher would be asked "what qualifies you to teach?". While we can look at how long they have been practicing and what they say, ultimately it is the results of their teaching which is the only true validation of them as a teacher.
So because I am asked regularly, I give below the relevant facts of my personal background in relation to meditation teaching and guiding as a guideline to help you understand where I am teaching from.

Personal Meditation Experience

I recall I started exploring altered states of awareness without any guidance in the early 1980's, based only on intuition and curiosity. In 1998 I had my first formal meditation lessons in Manchester, UK with a number of teachers. Since then I have learned from teachers across the UK.

Meditation Techniques I Have Practiced

Landmark Events

There are many traditions of spirituality and each has its labels and landmarks. Using the language of various traditions I shall outline some of the key events or stages from my own journey so far. These are not my own labels and I generally do not use them in my teachings. I simply give them here as indications of where I am teaching from.

The most important point is that I am able to initiate people into the more advanced Light and Sound energy so as you look at the list above, what it really means is that I can help you to realise and experience those "landmarks" for yourself.

Meditation Practice & Lifestyle

To date I have spent approximately 11,000 hours meditating (as of April 2016). Typically I meditate for 2+ hours a day and one longer meditate of 4 to 6 hours once a week.
Since 1989 I have done "long meditates" of the following durations:
2 days, 3 days, 5 days, 8 days, 10 days, 12 days.
A long meditate is where one does nothing but meditate, eating very little and sleeping as needed. It is an amazing way to get deeper into and further along a spiritual journey. Typically during these longer meditations one might meditate up to 18 hours a day.

Since 1997 I have been vegetarian. I do not drink alcohol or smoke, although I did in my youth. Since 2015 I have chosen to be vegan, out of respect for all life.

Teaching experience

Personal Skills

While not directly relevant to teaching meditation I have attended a number of training disciplines which have provided useful life skills and insights:

Magazine Articles & Books on Meditation I Have Featured In/Written.

Articles on Meditation Mark Zaretti has Featured in
I enjoy writing and have produced a number of articles for magazines. I've also contributed to a book and been interviewed for meditation features. Click on the image above to go to the articles section. For me writing is a great way of helping more people to discover about the benefits of meditation.