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Book Published Nov 2019 - Guidance for the Seeker of Truth - Second Edition

"This is the 2019 second edition of the book first published in December 2016. Capturing over 30 years of meditation experience and explaining in detail the nature of a spiritual journey and how that relates to your life. Answering questions about the nature of your soul, spirit and how to attain Enlightenment. It also answers questions like "what happens when you die?".

Mark Zaretti, Meditation Teacher.

Different options for getting this book

I want as many people as possible to have access to the amazing information in this book and so have made it available in several ways including as an eBook and a printed paperback copy.

What's in the book?

This meditation guidebook brings together over 30 years of meditation experience and spiritual information. Containing channelled information from Spiritual Guides, this book is helpful for anyone who wants to know more about Light and Sound meditation techniques taking you beyond your mind, emotions, and body. Whether you are just learning to meditate or have been meditating for years, this book acts like a map, helping you to understand where you are in your spiritual journey and where you can go next on your journey to Enlightenment. Written for everyone, this book helps you to get the most from your meditation and to finally understand your real purpose in life, what is Enlightenment? and what happens when you die?This is the second edition of this book which originally scored 5/5 in Amazon reviews. This new edition has a new cover design and includes a postface from the author but is essentially the same as the original book.

All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to supporting The Way Back's charitable work.