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Natural Health Magazine Aug 2011 - Meditation Masterclass

"In the spring of 2011 I was interviewed by the author Stephanie Holland for a feature article in the well respected Natural Health Magazine. The words below are my contribution towards the article."

Mark Zaretti, Meditation Teacher.

Natural Health Magazine Aug 2011 Energy meditation

At a glance: Energy meditation helps us to explore an expanded state of consciousness by developing awareness of the faster energy planes that surround us: energy fields, aura, energy centres or chakras. In doing so we become more aware of who and what we are. Levels of awareness correspond to our understanding of the seven chakras: physical, etheric (known as the crystal body), astral (emotional), lower mental, higher mental, intuitive and atmic (or atomic; the fastest manifest vibration).

Awareness beyond the atmic point is spiritual and this is where pure energy lies. The idea is that everything is energy and you can tap into it, given some instruction.

What does it involve?

First you learn techniques to achieve stillness, such as breathe, advanced mantra or Kundalini meditation. You are then 'attuned' by your teacher in three stages: stage one gives you awareness of energy as light, sound and stillness; stage two enables you to become more spiritually aware and at stage three you realise a limitless state of being.

What will I experience?

Increased intuition as your awareness moves beyond the physical, mental and emotional body and your spiritual awareness is heightened. You might experience enhanced perception of light and sound energy, stillness, space and internal clarity.

What the research says:

"There is little research as this meditation has the ability to take the person beyond those parts that research can explore: mind, body and emotions. This energy creates these lower levels and so all aspects of the personality are better supported and the person also gains spiritual awareness," explains Mark. Personal testimonials include less stress and deeper relaxation; improved sleep; an increased sense of peace and wellbeing; increased self-esteem; the ability to make calm and better choices and improved intuition.

Find out more: Email Mark at Pure Energy Meditation for practitioners all over the UK.

Natural Health Magazine Aug 2011 - Pure Energy Article