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The Ethos and Principals of The Way Back Spiritual Group

With Love at the Center

The Way Back is the spiritual practice and faith which teaches and promotes the spiritual guidance from the ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Way Back has unconditional love as its core guiding principle. Like unconditional love those involved in The Way Back are inclusive, non-judgmental, and giving. The founding enlightened teachers of the The Way Back were happy to work with and support anyone from any group or background who wished to live a more holistic spiritual life. As well as guiding you towards your spiritual goal of attaining enlightenment The Way Back importantly encourages you to also develop on your soul journey so that you can live a spiritually fulfilling and integrated life aligned with the highest principles of love. The Way Back is a holistic experience based practice and you are invited to learn and practice as little or much as you want in your everyday life.

The Core Teachings and Guiding Principles of The Way Back

The Way Back was started by several experienced enlightened teachers under direct guidance from the ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The following understandings rest at the core of The Way Back teachings:

In order to help your soul develop and become more spiritually aligned with the highest aspects of love and God you are encouraged to embrace the following personal qualities:

  1. Humility
  2. Gratitude
  3. Respect
  4. Non-Judgment
  5. Compassion
  6. Unconditional Love

These are known collectively as "The Six Sacred Virtues". Adherents of The Way Back are encouraged to develop these qualities within themselves and in every day life. These virtues can be explored and expressed in relationship to:

The Beliefs of The Way Back

There is great value in understanding beliefs, but there is greater value in transcending beliefs by experiencing for yourself the truth that they allude to. All of these beliefs can and have been fully realised already by many who have followed The Way Back.

  1. The Way Back recognises the existence of the human soul and human spirit as distinct aspects of a human being. Aura, meridian, chakras, mind, emotional body, etheric and other subtle vehicles make up the human experience.
  2. The Way Back recognises that the soul is on a journey over many lifetimes to raise its vibration towards Love. The soul survives death.
  3. The Way Back recognises that a spirit may undertake the spiritual journey to enlightenment through meditation on spiritual Light and Sound energy, under the guidance of a living master. Spirit is eternal.
  4. The Way Back recognises that at times there is a spiritual master on the planet who can reveal spiritual Light and Sound energy and ultimately Enlightenment.
  5. The Way Back recognises that humanity is guided by the higher spiritual beings, spiritual guides, and ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, all of which serve God and have unconditional love as their guiding principle.
  6. The Way Back recognises that there are higher dimensions than the 3rd dimension within which mankind is aware. All dimensions are created by God and humanity can explore these higher dimensions via spiritual light and sound meditation, when a spiritual master is present on the planet.
  7. The Way Back recognises that through meditation, prayer and inner stillness a person can communicate directly with their spiritual guide for guidance on matters of the soul and spirit.
  8. The Way Back has at its core the belief that no man should worship another, only God. That The Way Back is not only a system of belief but should reveal through direct experience awareness of higher spirituality and communication with spiritual guides. That every human has a connection to their spiritual guide and thus the Spiritual Hierarchy who are themselves servants of God.
  9. That all people matter and that all souls are created from Love. We are one.

The Way Back Practice

The Way Back respects your right to choose what you want to believe in. You are invited to choose what you wish to follow from our practice. We recognise and value above all your personal experience since spirituality is about experience rather than belief. What we describe below as "practice" is how those who founded The Way Back practiced daily.

The Ethos of The Way Back

The information above is only a summary. To better understand The Way Back and how it can help guide you on your soul journey as well as your spiritual journey, please take your time and enjoy watching the videos, reading the book, articles and information. With blessings and love, Mark.