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The Way Back Meditation Teacher Dan

Dan B The Way Back Meditation Teacher Dan is a very experienced meditation teacher. A friend of teacher Mark's from about the age of 13 he became one of Mark's first students and his own journey to Enlightenment parallelled Mark's. Dan has his own unique teaching style and is very down to Earth. He's experienced a lot of different approaches and for him meditation and spirituality is, and always has been, about LOVE. Which is why he's committed to teaching The Way Back, which is all about love too.

Dan's Qualifications as a Meditation Teacher.

Dan first started meditating in about 1997 learning with Mark. in 1999 he received initiation into higher Light and Sound energy based meditation. He meditated for two or more hours a day and often meditated for 6 hours once a week. He has sat in meditation for up to 10 days at a time. He attained enlightenment in 2009. He has taught on and off for many years and is a very compassionate and realistic teacher. Mark recognises Dan as the main The Way Back teacher who has a strong connection to the Spiritual Hierarchy and is grounded in Love.

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