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Archive of Interesting Things About Meditation

This archive is a place where we put any publicly available articles or documents which are relevant or interesting about meditation. These items may not be directly related to The Way Back and the views or opinions expressed are not necessarily in agreement with The Way Back. However we believe it is really useful for people who are "seekers of truth" to have access to things like this. If we have included something here that is not the work of one of our teachers then it does not mean we endorse it, simply that we think it is of interest. We trust you to make you own decisions and to follow your own intuition.
If you have any documents, audio recordings, video footage that you would like to contribute then please get in contact.

Document Written by HJY in 1986

Newsletter from the Lifewave Meditation Group (an extract) - 1986

This is part of a newsletter written in 1986 by the teacher of the Lifewave Light and Sound Meditation group and discusses various aspects of "The Path to Enlightenment". It is worded very much in the style and doctrine of that particular group and era, and although I don't agree with everything that is written I do find parts of it fascinating.

2013 NHS Employers Meditation Podcast by Mark Zaretti

NHS Employers Podcast "Meditation in the Workplace" (MP3) - 2013

This is a recording made of the podcast recording session made at the NHS Employers office in Leeds 2013. In this podcast, which is for beginners, The Way Back meditation teacher Mark discusses the benefits of meditation, some practical advice and provides a short guided meditation.

Mark Zaretti's PureEnergyMeditation.com website 2007 - 2018

The Original PureEnergyMeditation.com Website 2007 - 2018

This is the original PureEnergyMeditation website which was live from 2007 until 17th Oct 2018 when it was merged into this TheWayBackMeditation.org website. The PureEnergyMeditation.com website was the personal website of teacher Mark, which he used to share articles, videos and provide classes and contact for over a decade. It is preserved here as much of the original training material used to guide the original members of The Way Back, came from PureEnergyMeditation.com