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Should We be Doing Crystal Meditation?

Over the many years I have been meditating I’ve participated in a number of crystal meditation courses. I have also been lucky enough to learn lots about crystals from some inspiring teachers. In fact one of my earlier spiritual experiences as a child was intuitively meditating with a quartz crystal I’d found.

Years later I began teaching meditation under what was then Making Changes Today. One of the exercises I taught used crystals to help people become more aware of their chakras and energy centres. I also made a video tutorial on how to meditate with crystal. If you are interested in learning meditation I highly recommend this free meditation video course. You can watch and enjoy this tutorial below.

A Guided Crystal Meditation (MP3)

In the tutorial above there’s a lovely guided meditation which you can enjoy as a stand alone podcast, or even download as an MP3:

[06] Crystal Awareness – Guided Meditation

The Way Back Guided Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Guided Meditation Podcast
[06] Crystal Awareness - Guided Meditation
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Meditation teacher Mark, provides a guided meditation allowing you to explore and develop crystal awareness for yourself. If you don’t have a crystal then you […]

Why Would You Not Meditate with Crystals?

With all my enthusiasm and work to teach crystal meditation it may surprise you that I don’t think it’s a good idea to meditate with crystals. However, before jumping to conclusions please Let me explain. We’re all learning, we’re all evolving too, and what I’ve discovered in the last year really transformed my understanding of crystal meditation:

  • Firstly crystals are a great learning aide
  • Secondly crystals can help the planet in positive ways
  • Finally, humanity is evolving and crystals might not be as useful as they used to be…

You can watch this video on YouTube and summarising it: Crystal meditation is a useful way for beginners to practice being more aware of subtle energy. But your potential as a human is to go much higher than the vibration of crystals, for example exploring higher light and sound meditation.

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