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Free Mantra Meditation

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Learn about and experience mantra meditation

What is a Free Mantra?

In this article you will get a free mantra allowing you to learn more about mantra meditation. But first, what is a mantra? Mantras are a set of sounds, usually more than one, which are repeated rhythmically within your mind. The sounds themselves have no intellectual meaning and repeating them within your mid while sitting eyes closed in stillness is called “mantra meditation“.

Introduction to Free Mantra Meditation

You are much more than just a physical body. You have emotions, a mind and a complex system of energy lines (meridians), energy centres (chakras), and energy layers (aura). Everything you think and everything you do has an impact on your overall energy system and this energy system can have a positive vibration or a negative one. It can also be in balance or out of balance.

Positive energy is more aligned with love, peace, goodness and so forth. Whereas negative energy is aligned with ego, selfishness, anger, hatred, prejudice and so forth. When your energies are in balance there is wellbeing and when they are not you may experience illness and disease. Mantra meditation such as this free mantra can alter your energy balance and vibration, just like other forms of meditation.

Mantras Help Move Your Consciousness

When you meditate on a mantra you create an inner sound with your mind that resonates with parts of your energy system. For example some sounds will resonate your heart chakra, others your third eye and so on.

Most of the time your consciousness is focused on the constant activity of your thoughts, but when you repeat a good mantra two things happen:

Firstly you use your active mind to create the sounds of the mantra, literally saying the mantra on the inside, and this repetition replaces your usual thoughts making your mind less active and hence less attractive to your consciousness.

Secondly the sounds of the mantra resonate with parts of your energy system such as your heart chakra or brow chakra and so your consciousness is drawn to those places and you can become more consciously aware of them.

The Benefits of (Mantra) Meditation

Mantra mediation, like breath meditation, kundalini meditation, and mindfulness can introduce you to a greater awareness of inner peace and your energy system. Because a mantra is using the mind then many people, who habitually are in their minds, find mantra meditation easier than other lower forms of meditation and so it is well known for its benefits.

All these forms of meditation report the same general benefits which include less stress, coping with anxiety, better health, a calmer mind and so on. However mantra meditation is perhaps better documented scientifically because of the promotional work done by the Transcendental Meditation movement which primarily teaches mantra meditation.

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Why Are Some Mantras Costly and Others are Free Mantras

Not all meditation teachers provide a free mantra and some charge a lot of money for example the Transcendental Meditation (TM) organisation charges each person from £190 for children to £590 for higher rate tax payers to receive their mantras (as listed 4th Feb 2020 on

When it comes to health benefits most forms of lower meditation are equally effective and it really comes down to which approach you find easiest. Some mantras are more powerful than others, but in reality there is often little difference between a free mantra and a paid for one. What really matters is where the mantra came from.

Where do Mantras Come From?

Generally speaking there are four sources of mantras irrespective of if it is a free mantra or a paid one:

  1. From higher spiritual beings: These are true mantras and they are imbued with energy to potentize them. They are powerful for the duration that their creator intends for them to be used, but in time or when they are switched off they lose their power.
  2. Traditions passed down: These traditional mantras may have been from higher spiritual beings but they are no longer valid and have lost their energy. They are passed down from teacher to teacher but they do not necessarily understand that the mantras are not very effective, instead they are just acting out of tradition.
  3. Made up: In the absence of access to higher spiritual teachers, for example the ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, some meditation teachers made up mantras for example by combining sanskrit words based on their meaning or symbology.
  4. Natural sounds: Some sounds are natural, meaning they are a sound found naturally on one of the lower vibrational planes where there are many sounds that can be heard within meditation. Some of these sounds have become mantras and a well known one is “OM”.

How do You Meditate on a (Free) Mantra?

Mantra meditation is very straight forwards and simple and anyone can meditate on a mantra. There is no “secret mantra technique” or ancient meditation ritual to learn.

  1. Sit down or lay down, whatever is most comfortable.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Take a minute just to become stiller, perhaps doing a few deeper relaxing breaths.
  4. Simply let your thoughts be present and accept them.
  5. On the inside as if you are saying it to yourself, repeat the mantra clearly with intention, but say it gently.
  6. After a short while, simple stop the mantra and enjoy sitting in stillness noticing whatever you notice, which may be nothing and that is alright.
  7. When you are ready bring your attention first back to your hands and feet and then open your eyes.
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Is Mantra Meditation Spiritual?

Sometimes light and sound meditation groups will give mantras to beginners to help them get used to meditating and to help them focus into different energy centres but mantra meditation is only a training aid. There is no spiritual revelation and no change in consciousness from a mantra.

The confusion comes because when you meditate on a mantra it helps take your awareness away from your thoughts and you start to become aware of the amazing stillness, space and inner peace that was always present but that you had been distracted from. It can be a very profound experience but it must be understood that the mantra did not create that inner experience, nor did it unlock your potential, it simply distracted you from your mind and pointed you in the right direction.

We do not rely on mantras in our teachings as they are a very low-level form of meditation and can quickly become more of a crutch than an aid to progressing spiritually. Most of those followers of The Way Back who have already been initiated into spiritual light and sound energy gained access to these higher consciousness planes without ever using a mantra, including those who have gone beyond the reaches of their mind and attained enlightenment.

Mantras Cannot Expand Consciousness

It is important to understand that mantras do not and cannot expand your consciousness nor can they give you higher consciousness. You already have consciousness and as explained above it is usually paying attention to your thoughts. When you sit in stillness and use a mantra your consciousness can leave your thoughts and explore some of the other “places” and “spaces” that already exist within you and your energy system.

This may then lead to you going off into meditation which is fantastic, but it is important to realise that your consciousness has not expanded or raised in vibration, it has simply moved and it is not your consciousness or mind that are directly involved in meditation.

Mantra Meditation Cannot Transcend Your Mind to Reveal Higher Spiritual States, Whether it is a Free Mantra or not.

Spiritual dimensions are much higher in vibration than where you mind, consciousness and those parts of you including your soul are usually located. In fact in life your mind simply cannot go into these higher dimensions, since it is too slow. A mantra is created by your mind and uses your mind and so it is also too slow. Using a mantra cannot elevate you higher than your mind and in fact holds you at the same vibration as your mind. This is why many people find that they plateau in their meditation after a while of using mantras. There is only so far you can go with a mantra or indeed any mind-based meditation including mindfulness, breath, mandala and other similar approaches.

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In order to go to higher dimensions you need a consciousness present on those higher dimensions and you need energy to raise your vibration to those dimensions. The process of gaining a higher consciousness is known as “initiation” and the energy that takes you to spiritual dimensions is spiritual light from those higher dimensions. A mantra by contrast is made by your mind within the lower dimensions and lacks the energy or substance to take you beyond your mind.

Learn a FREE Mantra Meditation

Despite the limitations of mantras they still have some value and anyone interested in meditation may benefit from them. We provide a free mantra which was channelled from the higher spiritual beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy specifically to allow seekers of truth to learn mantra meditation. This mantra is shared for free and does not have additional energy so you can explore mantra meditation on your own.

In the video below the advanced meditation teacher Mark provides guidance on how to meditate on the mantra, including a guided meditation. We recommend using headphones to listen.

Free Mantra Meditation Video Tutorial

This free mantra meditation video above is also available on YouTube. In the video below we provide a longer version of the guided meditation so you can go deeper and further explore what it is like to meditate on a mantra.

Guided Mantra Meditation

A Perspective on Mantra Meditation

We have explained the different aspects of mantra meditation including how they work, where they may come from and their limitations. We have also provided a free mantra for you to experiment with.

We end now with a real world testimonial from someone who has spent decades following a mantra-based meditation practice. What Mick describes in the video below is how Transcendental Meditation practice compared with his experience of having learnt breath meditation and been guided into a deeper stillness in a beginners class with The Way Back meditation teacher Mark. He is not describing initiation or advanced meditation but rather the profound impact of having been given guidance from someone who has experienced higher consciousness and can therefore guide others. Watch till the end because there’s a bonus part.

The True Potential of Meditation

There is meditation within what you can already explore and then there is spiritual meditation which takes you beyond the limits of your mind, emotions and body.

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