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The Way Back 1

The simplest truth

The Way Back 2

The Way Back 2

The Natural Way

The Way Back 3

The Way Back 3

Humble way to find God

The Way Back
to God

Could it be that God is found beyond books and buildings and that God does not belong to religion?
The Way Back to God is far simpler and is the journey that every human is naturally already on. God is the source of light and love and every choice you make in life can either bring you closer to God or move you further away.
The Way Back is not a religion, it is a humble way of life guided by easy to follow spiritual teachings and guidance, with love at its core. The Way Back helps you find your way back to God.

The Way Back to find God

The Way Back does not rely on philosophy, belief or faith but rather it guides you to have personal experience so that you can move past simply “believing that there is something greater” to living life fully awake in the experience and knowledge that God truly exists.

God loves every human and within your spirit is the gift of God’s light, which has always been there to guide you. But there is so much confusion and misunderstanding that people naturally get lost in their minds caught up in trying to understand.

However seeking God was never meant to be an intellectual journey of the mind and so the way to tune in to inner guidance has been forgotten by most.

It has always been the simplest way that will reveal the deepest truth and that is why The Way Back to God is the natural way, gently embracing inner stillness to find God within, something that you can do at any stage of your life.

Do you believe in something greater, a Creator, The Source, God?

Do you sense life has a far deeper meaning and purpose?

Do you want to be able to realise this for yourself without belief, religion or dogma?

If so then we invite you to explore The Way Back.

Our Goal

There are three main goals of this website and The Way Back, which are shown below. Behind all of them is our genuine desire to help you find God in a practical, natural and life-enhancing way.

Guide & Inspire

To make our guidance and teachings freely available online in many formats including eBooks, video, and mp3.

Support You

To support and encourage The Way Back community, so that you have the support of fellow kind and like-minded people.

Teach Meditation

To help support you by providing practical guidance if you have the spiritual calling to explore stillness and meditation.