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Integrating your Spiritual and Soul Journeys with Love

The way back

How soul, spirit and unity are integrated in Love To understand "The Way Back" you first need to understand that you are already on a journey, one that your soul has been travelling for many lifetimes. Your soul experiences life in order to raise its vibration and align more closely with Love. As your soul's vibration gets higher you will naturally be drawn towards awakening your spiritual potential. "The Way Back" is a practice of meditation which goes beyond personality and reconnects your Spirit with the flow of Love emanating from The Source, from Unity. This divine connection is experienced as inner Light and Sound, and through meditation on this Light and Sound Energy your Spirit is guided back to The Source, to Unity and unconditional Love. This is what is known as the state of "Enlightenment".

For many, Enlightenment is seen as the end goal, but for "The Way Back", Enlightenment is just the beginning of life as a truly spiritually awake being, living a consciously more congruent life aligned with Love. "The Way Back" respects the duality of your soul journey as well as the Unity of your spiritual journey. "The Way Back" encourages you and teaches you how to become more in tune with your Spirit Guide and the higher spiritual beings which, upon Enlightenment, are a part of your super-consciousness. To attain Enlightenment is the ultimate gift of Grace, but to fully realise and integrate with this higher potential requires support, guidance, individual commitment, and the fostering of a deeper connection on all levels with Divine Intelligence, which includes your Spirit Guide, and beings of Love and Light. This is the true potential of a spiritual journey and the purpose of "The Way Back".

"The Way Back" is not a belief system, or intellectual process. It is the path that leads to full spiritual awareness and integration on every level, it is the way of Love. "The Way Back" is experiencing the joy of Light and Sound Meditation and conscious alignment within your expanded consciousness. It starts with the revelation of higher Light and Sound Energy, and develops with spiritual guidance working in cooperation with the Masters and Lords of Light.