The Way Back Meditation
The way to integrate your Life, Soul, Spirit with Love and Unity
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I do not charge people for teaching spiritual Light and Sound meditation. This removes any barriers to people receiving my help to discovering the more advanced Light and Sound meditation for themselves. It's my way of "giving back" to the universe. Because I know that giving is the highest form of Love. To make this possible I work harder in my day job and I use my own finances and resources to manage the site, make all the videos, pay for the hosting and travel to see people and teach. I do it gladly as it's my true life's work and calling. I've created this page because some of the kind people I've helped would like to help me back. They have asked me if there is a way for them to donate, which is why this page exists. It's the easiest way for people to support me. Any donations that come in go towards helping me to teach this. Whether its helping to pay for hosting, making the videos and MP3s which I give away for free. Or paying towards my travel so I can get to a venue and teach people, it's always appreciated. Below you'll find two ways to support me: either a one off donation or a monthly option.

I'm just grateful that you're even considering it as every little bit helps! In an ideal world I'd be able to give up my day job and focus all my energy on helping others but till that day comes then every little bit of help helps me to help others.

Whether you leave a donation or not I want you to know that I appreciate your support however it comes. I know many people can't afford a donation which is why I've made the amounts very small. If you can't leave a donation then I totally understand and all I ask is that you share my site with others so that they can find out about how amazing this meditation is for themselves. Sharing is the greatest form of caring - thank you, Mark.